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Designing community spaces in Chiang Rai and Nakornpathom in Thailand using Universal Design and community participation

Project name: Using Universal Design for community spaces

Funder/Sponsor: Institute of Health Promotion for People with Disability for Chiang Rai, GenV for Nakornpathom

Year: 2014

Project type: Design and Knowledge Management



In 2014, we experimented with using Universal Design to design the community spaces in different communities.

Universal Design in Chiang Rai

In Chiang Rai, we organised a UD training with the Baan Mankong network. That training aimed to get people to learn and see the importance of integrating UD into their housing. We organised five workshops with ten communities. Two of these communities—Tarn Nam Korn and Rim Nam—were convinced to use UD for their community spaces.

In Nakornpathom, the community was nominated by our contacts who knew of our interest in using UD in this way.

We used the same tools for all three communities: we coordinated design workshops, and prepared a big map of the area they wished to improve for them to work with.

We ensured the inclusion of teenagers, children, people with disabilities, elderly people, and middle aged in the design workshop. They used the map and plasticine to make models. We debated different ideas and reached a consensus in each area.

In Tarn Nam Korn, we focused on using bamboo and discussed who could be involved to take the project forward. In Rim Nam, a team of builders was accessible so we focused on cost estimation. In Nakornpathom, the underlying politics played a central role in all discussion, as the three spaces we were working on were owned by the temples. 

After the meetings, we prepared technical drawings and cost estimation for the communities in Chiang Rai.