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The Body Game: Promoting universal design and the acceptance of differences in kids

Project name: The Body Game

Funder/Sponsor:Tar-Saeng Studio

Year: 2017

Project type: Knowledge Management 


Since its creation, Tar-Saeng Studio has been working on promoting Universal Design practices and knowledge across Thailand. In the spirit of this mission, we have created The Body Game, a powerful knowledge management tool geared towards children and anyone interested in learning about the topic. Research has proven that games are extremely effective in promoting new material in a relaxed environment. 


The Body Game

The premise of the game is simple, as it targets children aged 8+: each child has a board with the outline of a jigsaw, as well as a game of 3 mixed jigsaws, and 6 cards depicting people of different abilities. The character cards vary from children of different ages, women at different stages of pregnancy, older persons, various types of patients, and people with different disabilities. Children take turns asking questions from the question pile, which they can answer by placing down a character card that matches with the question. Answering questions awards them points, which they can then convert into jigsaw pieces to complete the puzzle in front of them, which in turn reached them about different parts of the human body. The first person to complete their puzzle wins; the remaining players can choose to continue playing until all the jigsaws are complete.

The game requires the supervision of a family member, teacher, or anyone older capable of supervising and facilitating the game.


The Outcome

The game has been tested with children in events in different community markets in Bangkok. It has already been purchased by TMB’s Fai Fah community learning centre project. The game teaches children that people have varying abilities, and that some people need different tools to allow equal living conditions, with an emphasis on the fact that having a disability does not mean that you cannot do anything. The game is a fun way to teach tolerance and accepting differences to children at a young age. 


To learn more about the game, please visit our Facebook page.

To order the game, please contact us through our website, or call Khun Ploy 086-983-9823. Tar-Saeng Studio also organises and runs workshops to teach children and schools how to play The Body Game. Please contact us for more information. 

An English version of this game is currently being produced and will be available in 2018.