Including children in participatory design projects


Founded in 2007, Openspace is a collective of architects, researchers and development practitioners, specialising in working with communities through participatory processes. Based in Bangkok and working across Thailand, Openspace serves as a platform for interdisciplinary collaborations.

At Openspace, we believe that participatory processes are the most sustainable way of dealing with conflict and finding cooperative solutions. By taking the necessary time at the start of the project to map out each community’s obstacles and opportunities and the residents’ hopes for the project, we provide each individual community with the chance to work through its strengths and improve on its weaknesses throughout the entire process. As a result, there is a strong sense of ownership of these projects, which we believe is essential to build sustainable communities, and renders the projects more successful.


Our approach

Our participatory approach includes:

Openspace's approach: community consultation, mapping, negotiating, planning, designing, building, collaborating, knowledge management and workshops