Logo Tar-Saeng Studio
Tar-Saeng Studio in Bangkok: building healthy communities and promoting Universal Design while working with people with disabilities.
Tar-Saeng is a Laotian word that means Community, Village, or Small City.

In Thai, Tar-Saeng is a combination of the words for Eye and Light. Put together, Tar-Saeng means Lit Eyes.


Founded in 2013, Tar-Saeng Studio is a small unit born out of Openspace, a multidisciplinary collective for open collaborations focusing on building sustainable communities.

Tar-Saeng Studio aims to build healthy communities and promote Universal Design concepts and practice in Thai society, focusing on ways to adapt in different living environments, with an emphasis on working with people with disabilities.


Through all our projects, Tar-Saeng is collecting ground knowledge and experiences through practice and participatory processes. We hope to turn our Studio into a social enterprise by 2019.

The work we undertake at Tar-Saeng Studio varies from knowledge management and research, to design, architecture, and network building; we work in both urban and rural settings across Thailand.