Building Resilient City in BMR


Year of publication: 2017


In 2017, Openspace partnered with Southeast Asia START Regional Committee—SEA START RC—and Mr Suppakorn Chinvanno to render the findings of their research project accessible to a wider public.


City of the future

When talking about tacking greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change, the focus is often on the environment and small scale changes like reducing the use of electricity or recycling. SEA START shifts the focus to the municipality, stressing the importance of a holistic approach to GHG management and climate change in order to achieve results at the city-scale. The City of the Future Handbook covers a basic understanding of climate change and the different elements that come into play, explains city planning principles to achieve holistic city and community planning, and lastly give strategies in institution management and organisation to help city and community planning become more efficient both at policy-level and on the ground. The book thus targets municipalities, offering 3 scales for the analysis: the city scale with Samut Prakan as the case study, the community scale with a case study in Chiang Mai, and the household scale with a case study in Chiang Mai. The book deals with a basic understanding of climate change and climate change adaptation, flood patterns in Thailand, and appropriate adaptation strategies for each scale.

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