Building Resilient City in BMR

Partner: Thammasat University

Year of publication: 2016


In 2016, Openspace partnered with Dr Wijitbusaba Ann Marome from the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at Thammasat University to make the findings of the five-year research project of the Coastal Cities at Risk (CCaR) accessible to a wider public.

Looking at Bangkok, Manila, Vancouver and Lagos and funded by Canada, Coastal Cities at Risk: Building Adaptive Capacity for Managing Climate Change in Coastal Megacities examines climate change and urban resilience, with a focus on flood trends, using VENSIM modelling to produce future scenarios. Openspace built on the technical reports produced for this project to create the Urban Resilience Board Game, a video and a the book Building Resilient City in BMR

Building Resilient City in BMR

Openspace was presented with a challenge: how do you turn the findings of a highly technical five-year research project into an engaging book, accessible to a wide public? Building Resilient City in BMR—where BMR stands for Bangkok Metropolitan Region—is the answer to this question. It utilises a highly visual format to present the distilled information, and organises the research in a simple way from start to end.  


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