Our team

Kasama Ploy Yamtree

Kasama Yamtree

Manager & Senior (Community) Architect

I like working to encourage people to realise their own freedom to live in the way they want, and find ways to reach a compromise with other stakeholders for a sustainable living. I also like seeing the people I work with achieve their life’s potential, and believe that they can make any change they want.

At Openspace, we are friends, a family—sisters and brothers, all of us willing to share both our work and our lives. Throughout our community architecture and development projects, I have had the chance to understand more about myself, other human beings, and other living things in nature.

Wan S. Sophonpanich  

Co-Founder / Architect


Nausica Naf Castanas

Nausica Castanas

Lead Researcher / Project Coordinator

I love being exposed to different cultures and ways of life. Through this work, I get the chance to work with communities across Thailand in a fully immersive way, through participatory processes. This work has taught me to shed any preconceptions about what communities should be like, to fully appreciate the unique conditions of each area, deal with the specific obstacles people face, and fully appreciate the distinctive strengths of each community.


Our collaborators

Chawanad Luansang

Co-Founder / (Community) Architect

I have always loved to listen to people’s stories, to learn from their lives and from nature. I am inspired by the ways people create their own lives, their passion and the creative force that lies within each and every one I meet, leading them to build their environment through co-creation. I enjoy the challenge to support them, to co-create the necessary processes to transform their community, their city. I love working alongside people who care about their homes, their communities, their cities.

Pisut Srimok

Co-Founder / Filmaker  


Chattarin Jeed Panyaphuntraku

Chattarin Panyaphuntraku

(Community) Architect

Through my job, I get chance to work with communities. This makes me love to learn from what I do and from all people I meet. I strive to create design that are useful to as many people as possible within the community.

Prakit Bat Pawaputo

Prakit Pawaputo

(Community) Designer

I am interested in learning about people, and then creating something useful with a focus on people. I am generally not a talkative person but I am always happy discussing with people in the communities that I work with. I feel greatly inspired.

Kaiwan Fon Yamtree

Kaiwan Yamtree

Admin & HR  

I am not architect but I am really interested in working with communities. It has changed the way I see the world.


Our past interns



(Community) Designer

Working as a community designer allows for my work to be centered on people. I studied architecture but I am not interested in just designing a building. I want the work that I do to help people communicate better, and improve their understanding of one another through the design process.